Automatic warehouses

Matter designs and manufactures automatic warehouses to improve the internal logistics.

Matter automatic warehouses provide technical solutions to handle and store all product types, metallic and non metallic. It has installed and tested over the years the widest range of internal handling and storage systems for the steel industry. Matter is specialized in designing vertical warehouses for bars, profiles, tubes, billets, sheets, dies and components.

MATT PRO division manufactures custom-made systems for storing large quantities. It provides flexible solutions, designed according to customers’ specific needs and requests.

MATT BOX division produces modular and multi-purpose automatic warehouses, designed for storing and handling small quantities. These systems are perfect for mechanical workshops, retailers and distributors who need to rapidly and safely store every kind of product.

Matter automatic handling and storage systems are designed to optimize surface management, thus improving overall productivity levels. Loading and unloading operations are completely automatedfaster than manual operations. Operators do not need to find and to handle the product: it’s the automatic system that finds and picks it, without mistakes. The automatic warehouse protects material by stowing it inside, drastically reducing damages or theft risks.

Our storage solutions

Custom-made storage systems for large quantities

Modular storage system for small quantities